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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Notpron Spoiler Level 8

This level is tricky. You have to rely entirely on the SOURCE CODE. As you can see on the source code there are two mp3 music file which it really is absurd since you've been hearing the same music file right from the beginning thus the code is different from the old code:

*bgsound src="../stuff/mus1.mp3" loop="infinite"

weird code

*bg sound src="../stuff/mus2.mp3"

and another clue is "water became wine" and also "JAY should PACK his stuff", means that his mp3 file might have been corrupted... so in return we tried to copy the weird unfamilar code to the URL:

and this will prompt you to download something... Try to download the file (no need to worry this is virus free) and then once you download the file try to play it.

Why doesn't the file PLAY on any media player, obviously if you notice the file size it's only about 20.7 KB so what kind of music file is it if it only has 20.7 KB and then you will realize the phrase "water became wine". And yes you're right it must have been an image and not mp3. So all you need to do is right click on the file and then click on properties and then change the "open with" to "windows picture and fax viewer" or any image program and this message will appear:

and yes all you need to do is enter the following on the loop hole to proceed to the next level...

Play notpron HERE


xBearJewx said...

I tried opening the site with the weird music bit in it and I never got prompted to download a file. Grr. I did get the site that has a media player which can't play the file.

Anonymous said...

Of course it was an image file. JAY PACK is meant to sound like .jpeg

geneaholic said...

I can't get it to "open" with anything (on a Mac and right clicking) to prompt me for your hint. So I tried to change the extension in the URL from .mp3 to .jpg and I got a new white screen with message that says, "Lol No. But you are soooo close. you need to rename the file rather than accessing a new one." I am NOT internet / tech / computer savvy in the way this "game" requires whatsoever. This is totally beyond me, but I read about it on MSN and thought I'd see how far I could get with the hints and see if I could solve any levels on my own or figure it out after a few hint levels.

Deac Karns said...
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Deac Karns said...

yeah this riddle is a little dated with todays modern browsers and all. I used the terminal on my Mac to download the file and change the extension. Issue the following command in the terminal to proceed.

curl -o ~/Desktop/mus2.jpg

that will save the image on your desktop

Denise Perry said...

Thank you! I found another web site with the solution, but they didn't explain how they got there, and I hate just using a puzzle solution without understanding it. It feels like I'm cheating even more, you know?

Abdullah Ab said...

mm help please i have the image but i don't know where i can write name and password

a.t.t.i.r.a said...

click on 'luv2music' at the source code

Leslie Lim said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.


New Man said...


NOTE:DON'T TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

candle light said...

this game is awesome)
one of the most logical online riddles available

btw, when you change pic's name from screen8a.jpg to screen8b.jpg you get an egg saying 'looking for pr0n here?' which you'll remember again in lvl 18)

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KR Gamer said...
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KR Gamer said...

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